Jamie Weger and The High Ground

Six Springs presents Jamie Weger and High Ground and Pat Boyack and Those Pesky Javelinas

Jamie Weger and The High Ground

Pat Boyack

Sat Jul 7

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:59 pm)

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

Jamie Weger and The High Ground
Jamie Weger and The High Ground
Jamie Weger & the High Ground is a 6 piece band based in southern Oklahoma, offering an original look on red dirt/southern rock music. Fresh off of a tour in Afghanistan, Jamie Weger (singer/songwriter) began to push his passion for writing and story telling into the music side of things. Along with Jeff Winnett(keyboard) they formed the band. Chris Maddox (Bass Guitar), high school acquaintance, joined the band with a musical background in punk and heavy rock. He lays the foundation for a high level of energy while performing. After various changes at guitar, including Jamie's brother, Chance Weger, the band recruited Jay Donihoo (Lead Guitar) who also attended high school with the other members. With over 15 years of experience playing guitar and his roots in Hard Rock and Blues, he brought a whole new layer to the sound they were looking for. Beau Sexton(drums) joined the band in 2017, as they prepared for the studio and opening for bands such as American Aquarium. His laid back style of keeping time aided in filling out the bands sounds and pushing them out of the garage band scene and onto the market.
The band has played at many notable venues including Love and War Texas and many smaller venues all over the southern Oklahoma and northern Texas areas. They’re currently focused on pushing their passion for music further to reach audiences near and far as well as continuing to write new music for their next album.
Pat Boyack - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Pat Boyack
“Boyack combines swing and sting in a manner that revitalizes his traditional brand of blues.” – Don McLeese, Guitar World
 “Like his peers Ronnie Earl, Otis Grand, and Anson Funderburgh, Pat Boyack has seemingly studied the likes of everymajor blues guitarist of the postwar era.” – Bill Dahl, Living Blues
“Boyack can handle any musical style with a deft touch, from hard-drivin’ Texas shuffles to big-band bluesy jazz, or up-tempo, horn-laden R&B.” – Art Tipaldi, Blues Review
“Pat is the guy the ‘bad’ kids rode ‘cross the tracks to see the night everyone else was at the prom.” – Bill Hayes, Easyriders
Pat was born in a small coal mining community in central-eastern Utah on June 26, 1967. “People do a double take when they hear that, yes.” He picked up his first guitar at age 15. “I was really into Van Halen, Kiss and all those rock bands at the time. I didn’t even know whoMuddy Waters, Freddie King or Howlin’ Wolf was because they never traveled through my part of the country. There weren’t anybluesmen on the streets of Helper.”

While in college a friend lent him a Stevie Ray Vaughan record. “At first the music really didn’t hit me. It took a while, but once it did, I couldn’t get enough of it.” From Stevie, Boyack went on to other bluesmen, most notably Vaughan’s older brother Jimmie from the Fabulous Thunderbirds. “Through his music I learned about tone and restraint, I learned about listening and playing with other people. From Jimmie I also started digging deeper and discovering people like Magic Sam, Jimmy Reed, all that swamp pop and Little Walter.”
In 1991 Pat moved to Dallas, Texas, where he started going to the many blues jams that are almost a nightly event, playing with – among others – Sam Myers. “It was a real learning experience. Sam would tell you underno uncertain terms that you were messing up or not playing it right, and usually it was over the mic so everyone can hear. Add on to that guys like Mike Morgan, Jim Suhler, Hash Brown, and Johnny Moeller who are just incredible guitar players……you either got with the program or got a job flippin’ burgers.”

Three years later Boyack was in Memphis, Tennessee, recording his first of three CDs for the Bullseye Blues/Rounder, Breaking In, On the Prowl, and Super Blue and Funky.Those three critically acclaimed recordings introduced him to the national and international blues scenes.

In 1998 Pat took a break from touring and recording. “I got burned out really. I needed a break so I quit and had a beautiful daughter.” His stay at home didn’t last long, however.  Austin’s Marcia Ball called him to join her band in January of 2000. As her guitar player for 6 ½ years, Pat contributed to three CDs, Presumed Innocent, So Many Rivers, and Live! Down the Road. All received Grammy nominations; Presumed Innocent received “Album of the Year” at the 2002 W.C. Handy Blues Awards.  Alongside Ms. Ball, Pat also appeared in the music documentaries Falsifyin’ and New Orleans: Music In Exile.

In 2004, while continuing to tour with the Marcia Ball Band, Boyack released his fourth CD, Voices From the Street,on the Doc Blues label, which included contributions from Ms. Ball herself, Ruthie Foster, Sweet Pea Atkinson and Larry Fulcher.
After leaving the Marcia Ball Band in 2006, Pat went on to tour with another Grammy nominated blues artist, Ruthie Foster, for two years.

Some of the highlights of Pat’s career include his contributions to recordings by Austin’s W.C. Clark and Stevie Ray Vaughan’s writing partner Doyle Bramhall Sr. “Working with W.C. was incredible, and working with Doyle was……well, he was….is my hero. I couldn’t believe I was rolling tape with him.”

His songs have also been featured in movies and television shows including Sex and the City, and can be heard on XM Satellite Radio.Two of Pat’s CDs are available at the iTunes store and all four are on Amazon.com.

Since 2009 Pat has stayed close to DFW, working with local artists like Aaron Burton (he produced Burton’s 2011 CD, Raising Sun), and Andrea Dawson as well as his current band – Pat Boyack and Those Pesky Javelinas. “I’ve got a great band, Drew Allain (bass) and Kevin Schermerhorn (drums) have been myfriends going on two decades now. We get together, play some blues, funk, rock…..whatever we feel like, and we do it with a groove. It’s never boring. Meters, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, …..as long as it gets your butt shakin’!”
Venue Information:
Six Springs Tavern
147 N Plano Rd
Richardson, TX, 75081