Jason Elmore and Hoodoo Witch

Six Springs Presents

Jason Elmore and Hoodoo Witch

David Michael George

Fri Dec 14

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:59 pm)

$7.00 - $12.00

Jason Elmore and Hoodoo Witch - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Jason Elmore and Hoodoo Witch
Based out of Dallas, TX, "Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch" is an original high-energy trio that blends jump blues, hard-hitting rock, vintage soul/r&b, and traces of 60’s country into a unique-but-familiar sound that always maintains the essence of the blues while simultaneously offering a fresh take on the genre. Jason Elmore is uncommonly seamless in his ability to tailor his performance to suit the venue and demographic, without compromising the integrity of the band’s mission, which is to give 110% with every single performance, regardless of whether it’s 2 people or 2,000.   
Having grown up with an obsession for all genres of American roots music,  Elmore is remarkable in his ability to appeal to fans of all genres of music with his virtuoso-level guitar playing, soulful and powerful old-school vocals, and keen sense of songwriting. It is common to see an artist excel at one of those three things, but Jason is uncanny in his ability to express himself with an original and unique voice as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter.   All one needs to do is watch him play live one time in order to have a good understanding of how all of these different genres of music have a common thread when it comes to eliciting an emotional response from the listener and taking them to that special place where only the music exists and the troubles of the world are temporarily put on hold.
The band recently released their 3rd full album, titled ‘Champagne Velvet’ in September 2016 on the Underworld Records label.  The album debuted at #13 on the Billboard Blues Charts, #3 on the Roots Music Report blues charts, and held the #1 chart position on the Texas music chart for 6 consecutive weeks! It is currently receiving international acclaim and airplay.  This record  is a slight change of direction from the band’s 2010 album “Upside Your Head” and 2013’s “Tell You What”, both of which featured a heavy emphasis on Texas rock and blues. ‘Champagne Velvet’ sees the band exploring their soul, blues, and country roots more in-depth than before with a sense of excitement and fire that is uncommon in the contemporary blues scene.  It is a throwback to 1950’s jump blues, rockabilly, and Memphis soul. The guitar tones are cleaner, the bass and drums interplay with more dynamics and the grooves jump like a kangaroo on a hot sidewalk. All 13 original songs flow with an abundance of melody, harmony, and clever lyrics. At the same time, there is just enough variety to quench the thirst of fans of the more rock-oriented material of past albums. ‘Champagne Velvet’ is like a road trip from Dallas to Memphis, TN with a quick stop by the West Coast on the way. It perfectly captures the essence of the band doing what they do best, which is bringing unrestrained boogie to the party. So get ready to groove with Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch, baby!!  These boys can flat GET it!
David Michael George - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
David Michael George
With roots firmly planted in high energy Rock/Soul/Funk & Blues (“Find My Way Home”, “Step Aside”), to raw & expressive ballads with layered depth (“Villain”, “Just Ain’tThe Same”), 1,000 YARD STARE keeps you in the moment and never lets you go. Funky, soulful, and bluesy, first note to last, it is an album full of heartfelt blues-rock,sharp as a needle, delivering George’s message of perseverance straight to the heart of his listeners.

Born from a fateful call from a friend urging George to head to Nashville to record new material, that conversation quickly evolved into a voyage of deep musical and personal discovery culminating in the tracks on 1,000 YARD STARE. David packed up the car and headed to Nashville, planning to stay a week, which quickly turned into a month, in his own words, recording the most “heartfelt, honest, and true” music he’s ever written.

Says George, “I jumped in my car, excited and scared of the unknown, and headed down the path that was opening up before me. The plan was to stay a week, I stayed a month. Along with close friends and new relationships, this album began to breathe new life into me; to dust off my true identity.”

Born in Garland, Texas, George was raised on a steady diet of Joe Cocker, James Brown, Prince, and Al Green, influences that brightly shine through his brand of Southern musical gumbo, like a booty-shaking badge of honor, an eclectic, awe-inspiring, mix of gospel infused blues, modern funk, and soulful Roots-Rock.

Raised in a blue-collar home, with working-class parents,David spent a lot of time at his grandmother’s house, discovering melodies and rhythm by practicing on her juke-joint style piano. Outside of the house, David dealt with the struggles of childhood in a rough neighborhood,and a less than ideal family life, like so many others, working his aggression out through music.

After several family moves, David ended up in South Bend, Indiana, replacing his grandmother’s house with a basement where he could isolate himself with his guitar. With the help of his father, David continued to explore other styles of music, working them all into his creative pallet. Returning home to Texas, George spent several years exploring the musical landscape as thefront–man in numerous projects including The Sundowners, Roaming Soldiers, and the Crowe Showe. Now George shows his true stripes as a solo artist with this highly ambitious release, an empowering album that truly conveys what it’s like to overcome obstacles when the odds are stacked against you.

“David Michael George is a gift …… He’s proven again and again that he can write and perform music that pulls you in on the first note and doesn’t let you go. 1,000 Yard Stare is nothing short of magnificent. It’s just beautiful.” Angela Chase (radio personality 97.1 & 100.3 Dallas, TX)

“Packed tight with Gospel, roots rock and horn sections; David Michael George’s new LP, “1,000 Yard Stare” was built to shine on vinyl. But it’s George’s crisp, honestly soulful delivery which really puts this record on repeat.” Dustin Blocker (Chief Creative Executive @ Handdrawn Records)
Venue Information:
Six Springs Tavern
147 N Plano Rd
Richardson, TX, 75081