The Farstar Reunion

Six Springs Presents

The Farstar Reunion

Always The Alibi, Tim Spitzer and The Handsome Strangers

Fri Oct 5

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:59 pm)

$7.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

The Farstar Reunion - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
The Farstar Reunion
FARSTAR is from Dallas TX.
They are currently on indefinite hiatus, but perform/record at will

Several band members have other projects they are working on.

The FARSTAR is a noise pop band from North Texas, USA. The FARSTAR hopes to bring joy to both your ears and eyes soon.


The Farstar is a band openly influenced by both noise and pop.
The FARSTAR's core membership is multi-instrumentalists: Shannon Barrett and Michael Maney.

The group has had several releases:
• 2012’s album “God be with you, Heaven knows the Devil is”
• 2009’s “Strange Kids E.P.”
• 2008’s “Back to Life E.P.”
(All co-produced by Salim Nourallah whose credits include: Rhett Miller and the Old 97s),
• 2003’s album “Broken Down and Wandering”
(Co-produced by Centro-Matic’s Matt Pence)

Various PRESS:

Addicted Magazine
It’s 2:15, it’s time to wake up, time to start off your day. Not like all those before, this one’s a little different, a little newer. The Farstar (From Texas) is a band that takes over your sensations, emotions and the overall expression that we find in us all. Look behind the walls; see between the lines as you listen to a blend of rock and a touch of greatness. A well-rounded sound of leading guitars, an array of keyboards and effects brings an overall completeness to each song. These elements are combined with a rocking drumbeat and a kicking bass. We get a sound that is true and in harmony. It starts off every day like a habit.

Ayo- KDGE 102.1 FM, Dallas Morning News/Quick/Envy Magazine
(The Farstar has) clean, well-written, and captivating pop pieces that resound with plenty of rock tinge. It's easy (and lazy) to write them off as a "good pop band", but their songwriting talents easily break through that ceiling with an aggressive, driven pop with edge, from a band yet to peak creatively. Your emo girlfriend digs them (and so do I) because they do it the old way, when it was quirky, smartly sarcastic and more atmospheric.

Darryl Smyers- Dallas Observer
Very Coldplay and U2ish if you ask me--that is, if anyone is asking me. This style of epic, emotional rock must have a place in the Dallas scene, right? And The Farstar appears to have a sound that could garner them some national attention.

DJ Mark- Host, The Local 102.1 The Edge/KDGE
I think you guys (The Farstar) have something good going on.

Drue Mitchell- 89.7 Power FM
The Farstar record is a spoonful of indie goodness, a breath of fresh air in the 'hard rock' lands of Deep Ellum.

Drumhead- Music Review Magazine, Dublin Ireland
Sounding as they do (like a very British Indie band) you can close your eyes and hear The Cure jamming with Editors or Michael Stipe fronting Elbow. The Farstar have definitely crafted their sound down to a fine art, their postmodern indie sound has subtle layers of guitar and piano and enough clever production tricks to give the songs warmth and texture, The vocals are often fragile and passionate, but it doesn’t sound contrived as it has the character and charm to enhance and lift all of the songs. I would strongly recommend a listen. They look and definitely sound the definite article. Strong songs well made. 5 out of 6 stars.
The FARSTAR’s modern pop-rock approach actually sounds more British to me. Of course, that is because a lot of the bands I’d compare them to come from England. Me? I’ll listen to it again.

Hunter Hauk- Dallas Morning News/QuickDFW
The FARSTAR is Edge (KDGE 102.1 FM) friendly.

Jagger KDGE 102.1, 105.3 the Fan FM Dallas
I just listened to your stuff (“Broken Down and Wandering”), and you guys sound really good.

Jennifer Robinson- Denton Record Chronicle
Genre-defying Farstar doesn’t have an agenda. The band members don’t have a formula, a standard riff or even a regular routine. The members don’t want to limit their possibilities with categorizing their sound under genres that force people to have a preconception of what they do.

Joel Thomas-
They (The Farstar) piece together a cohesive record on which no two songs sound alike, yet none sounds outside their sonic identity. They write accessible, sometimes-catchy songs that you'll find yourself enjoying in your head hours later.

Justin Pryor-
This band (The Farstar) truly defines great music. It’s pure, true and straightforward rock with a little pop touch to it. It’s very unique and beautiful. The music is amazing, everything you could hope for.

Lynn Hernandez- Eagle, 97.1 FM I listened to your CD (“Broken Down and Wandering”) again today. I love it. It's perfect for the EDGE.

Music Scene Magazine
FARSTAR "Back to Life": A very well recorded and mixed EP. Very nice instrument separation mixed with easy listening vocals and great effects. I Love the intro on "Never Been to New York". I like all the songs on this CD, but my favorite is "Waking Up 2:15". I can’t wait to see this band live.

Sarah Hepola- Dallas Observer
The FARSTAR was one of the festival's (Dallas Music Festival) more reputable acts.
(The FARSTAR) Bands (we) think might get a tap on the shoulder by some bigwig.

The Ghost of Blind Lemmon
The only band on the lineup I’ve seen is The Farstar. They are one of those rare bands that have the potential to appeal equally to both the indie-rock music aficionado crowd as well as the Curtain Club crowd (where they headlined last night). I know, you’re skeptical, but if you give these guys a listen, I suspect you will not be disappointed. I’m sure it will be a pleasurable show.


The FARSTAR was awarded:
• Five time winner of “Track of the Day”
• Winner of “Track of the Week”
• Multiple time winner of Best: “Male Vocals, Production, Drums, Beat, Bass, Melody, Lyrics, Mood, and Rocking Track”
“Local Licks- Featured Band of the week” on KBRQ The Bear FM (Waco, TX)
“Editors Pick” on
Three Time Winner of “Local Band Smackdown” on 102.1 the EDGE
“Featured Song” on
“Spotlight Artist of the Month” in Music Scene Magazine
Multiple “Pegasus Pick” on
Multiple “Five to see Live” in QuickDFW
Multiple “Justin’s Picks” in Dallas Observer/Ft. Worth Weekly

The Farstar’s music has appeared in:
• Wingstop Commercial “Teriyaki Rules” starring Cowboy’s/Hall of Fame/Sports Announcer quarterback Troy Aikman
• Acoustic Chaos Compilation CD “Live at the Lounge Volume 2”
• “The Door Compilation 2004” CD
• Independent Film “Celebrity Cult”
• Independent Film “The Debut”
• Web Television Show “The Variants”

The Farstar has performed at: Warner Brothers Label Showcase, Texoma Summer Music Festival, Sports Illustrated/Toyota Anniversary Tour, Sobe/Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands, Sauza Tequila Battle of the Bands, Reno’s Battle of the Bands, Pegasus News Showcase, Pegasus News Music Showcase, North Texas Music Festival, New Music Festival, Local Show, KEGL Local Show, Defcon Comic Convention, Deep Relief (Hurricane Benefit), Dallas Music Festival, Bodog Music Battle of the Bands, and multiple additional venues.

The Farstar has received spins on the following radio stations: KXT- Dallas, KBRQ- Waco, KDGE- Dallas, KEGL- Dallas, KFTE- Breaux Bridge, KFTP Houston, KPNI- Dallas, KVRX Austin, WARQ- Columbia, WBSX- Hazleton, WFNX- Boston, WKRL- Syracuse, WNNX- Atlanta, WRAX- Birmingham, WWDC- Washington DC, WXNR- Grifton, WZTA- Miami, and many more.
Always The Alibi - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Always The Alibi
Based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, with influences in British indie and U.S. alternative rock, Always The Alibi's music crackles with energy. Carefully crafted melodies and textured vocals create a vibrant and infectious experience. After front man Henry Coke's brief battle with brain cancer, Always The Alibi returns to the music scene ready to take back the time that was stolen. With Grammy-nominated producer Chris "Frenchie" Smith at the helm, ATA is proud to bring you their latest album, "Reprieve."
Tim Spitzer and The Handsome Strangers - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Tim Spitzer and The Handsome Strangers
I was born and raised in the Dallas, TX metro area. In the first grade, I discovered a Beatles single mixed in with the other 45s that went with the kids books at school. The single was “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and it absolutely blew my six-year-old mind. The year was 1974 and the Beatles had already broken up but the power of that song remained. From that moment on, music had a hold on me. I started playing guitar in my teens after hearing “Crazy Train” on a late night radio show. Randy Rhoads’ guitar playing on that song just blew me away. Randy Rhoads also got me into playing classical guitar. I went on to study classical guitar performance at the University of North Texas. I tried many things since graduating from North Texas; I was in the Army, went to grad school and got an MBA, got married and divorced, had a child, and even gave up music all together. But that spirit that was awakened by that Beatles song just would not go away.
Venue Information:
Six Springs Tavern
147 N Plano Rd
Richardson, TX, 75081