Music Makers Workshop with Brad Davis and Tony Ramey Second Session
Six Springs, Brad Davis and Tony Ramey present

Brad Davis

Tony Ramey

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Music Makers Workshop

Brad Davis and Tony Ramey are excited to announce their 2nd annual Music Makers’ Workshop (MMW), to be held in a two part series on March 21st and March 28th. The last workshop did so well that it was elbow to elbow, and the workshop capped out in ticket sales and had to turn away many folks, so we’ve expanded this year. The best original music venue (and room) in the Dallas area—Six Springs Tavern, in Richardson, Texas—is proudly hosting these upcoming essential knowledge, craft & business symposiums. Brad Springs, the owner and operator, will even be offering some tips on booking from the venue and artist perspective. He has worked both sides of the coin in this industry for more than two decades.

In short, we have been working to add a lot more to the curriculum this time, and we listened to the last participants’ input to help us with that.

Davis and Ramey have wandered far and wide (and paid quite a few dues) this past year to become educated on the integration of streaming and social media platforms, using algorithms to build an audience for artists, utilizing Spotify for your artist booking applications, understanding the ins and outs of copyright royalties and who collects them for you in this new age of digital media, and on and on. We must navigate quite a bit more this day and age to control our licenses and promote ourselves and our music, but so much more opportunity and access exists today, according to Ramey and Davis, that didn’t exist in the music industry that they grew up in.

Now wait a minute! It doesn’t stop there: this year, MMW is opening up a stage for participating writers to perform select participants’ tunes, and adding one or two Six Springs Tavern shows for their enjoyment!

For participants—and hopefully there will be many—we are accepting song submissions for a built in feedback session and song contest during the second part of the series. The winner will receive an Alvarez acoustic guitar, strings, and other cool stuff, and all the participants will have a chance—if they so choose—to perform their tunes on the Six Springs Tavern stage on the 28th. Again, it’s the best, coolest room in town! Davis and Ramey, as always, will be bringing so much to the table in the way of not only songwriting, musicianship, film and TV discussions, but also in recording from their experience in the music industry. Remember, Brad Davis owns and operates a world class studio in Commerce, TX.

A note from Tony Ramey: “In all the years I’ve been in this business writing, recording, and performing, I must say that offering symposiums and giving back to generations of singersongwriters, industry professionals, musicians, publishers, and many more, has been equally fulfilling. Brad and I have lent our knowledge and experience to colleges for many years —from A&M to Middle Tennessee State University to Volunteer State to Collin College—I suppose it’s in our blood. At any rate, this year will be jampacked full of new information, and it will reinforce and pick up where we left off last year.” Below is a working outline of what we’ll be covering both days. Moreover, we’ll present the material in a practical way that will help you apply the knowledge you gained when you walk out the door.

Grammy Record Performer Brad Davis "The Shredder" is an accomplished songwriter, producer, session and touring artist. He has worked with Marty Stuart, Earl Scruggs, Billy Bob Thornton, Forester Sisters, Sweet Hearts of the Rodeo, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Emmy Lou Harris, Roger Miller, Steve Earl, David Lee Roth, Dwight Yokum, and many others.

Gold and Platinum award-winning writer Tony Ramey has credits on such artists as George Strait, Trisha Yearwood, Doug Stone, Alabama, Craig Morgan, John Michael Montgomery, Mark Chestnut, Johnny Lee, Ray Price, Willie and others. He is also a two-time recipient of the CMA of Texas Artist of the Year Award, and tours throughout Texas and the US.

Working Outline of Activities and Curriculum

March 21st

Part I: Business Essentials and new industry concepts for the independent, professional writer/artist

10-10:45am Songwriters, Artists, Labels, Distributors, and Publishers: What is the “product” of each of these entities? Can we be all three at once? How do we keep each separate to identify and manage our revenue streams.

11-11:45pm The discombobulation of copyrights: Writing, Composing, and Publishing v. recording and Arranging—all produce a “separate” copyright that has become extremely important to distinguish in the streaming age. Whom do I pay to be “above board” when I record someone else’s songs?

12-1pm Break for Lunch. Six Springs has a great menu right there in house for those who love great food!

1-1:45pm Streaming v. Download and Physical Sales: What is a “stream”? How do you get paid on it? What is the value of a “streaming platform” to the artist, to the songwriter, to the label, to the publisher? How do we build our social media accounts, and how do we use the ones we’ve built to boost and streams and streaming artist profile? How do we get paid? Who pays us? What is a Spotify playlist and how do I write for one? Where does my tune fit?

2-2:45pm Where do traditional record deals and publishing deals fit today?: We’ll go in-depth and discuss how you need to perceive and make sense of the “industry” these days given the digital platforms available.

3-3:45pm Wind down and talk about how to USE this stuff; Part II introduction on craft, recording, and publishing? Submit songs and sign up for stage performance March 28th.

8:00pm Show starts at Six Springs that evening! Live music from Shaw Davis and The Black Ties and Those Guys TX . You’re on the guest list!

March 28th, Part II: Song Craft concentration and direct consultations with songwriters and industry professionals.

10-10:45am The art of writing and the art of recording: How do you pick the studio? What is a producer? How NOT to ruin a song with a recording! Managing the studio sessions: Reasonable cost, expectations, mixing, mastering, etc.

11:30am Individual song sessions begin: Verse and Chorus, conventional structures and why they are “conventional.”

12-1:45pm Lunch and continued song sessions.

2-4:30pm Song contest winner announced and performers’ sets begin at 5:00 until 6:30

8:00pm Show starts at Six Springs that evening! Live music from Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat and Salvation From Sundown. You’re on the guest list again!!!!

Venue Information:
Six Springs Tavern
147 N Plano Rd
Richardson, TX, 75081